The Brand

Dragon Hill is a brand that celebrates the strength of the man who takes on everyday life with a stride. It offers mens fashion which is an amalgamation of classic elegance and a twist of au-courant trends; the perfect balance of style and comfort to make you feel confident of “being in your own skin”.

Made with premium fabrics, the finely cut silhouettes and the impeccable fit of the Dragon Hill garments ensure that these will be a staple in your wardrobe, making you look good and keeping you comfortable in every activity that you undertake.

Logo Story

Dragon - In Chinese philosophy, the dragon symbolises the vital spirit of water. It has the ability to transform much like our clothes that take the shape of the wearer.

Hill - The summit that is aspirational, but not a tough mountain like the daily tasks for “the common man”. The terrain is uneven but comfortable to walk, much like the brand.

Dragon Hill - is like water; the perfect companion to any mixer. It’s a breezy terrain on the road of life. It is strong, graceful and comfortable.

The Dragon Hill Team


Our founder, a seasoned veteran with an impressive 23-year tenure in the apparel industry, has partnered with iconic brands like Levis, Pepe, Benetton and Indian Terrain. 
Armed with the micro-economic insights of the Indian retail market from industry leaders, he harnessed this profound knowledge to create Dragon Hill. 
His vast experience has shaped Dragon Hill into a brand that deeply navigates the modern market dynamics while retaining a distinctive identity, offering the apparel experience that transcends the ordinary. 


23 years of Retail Merchandising and Planning with a deep understanding of product design and development. 

Previously spearheading Buying, Production, Global Sourcing and Merchandising at Jade Blue, his strategic acumen and innovative design insights drive our brands operational excellence and creative direction, establishing a foundation for our sustained success. 


18 years of dynamic brand management across diverse demographics, our Strategist boasts a proven track record in sales and marketing. 
His portfolio includes tenures at prestigious companies such as Gini & Jony, Little Kangaroos, WROGN, Pepe Jeans London, Ms Taken, Single, Imara and Salesforce showcasing his adaptability in multiple environments and ability to drive sustained brand growth. 


12 years of retail acumen with 11 years in digital content creation and marketing collaborating with esteemed brands such as Nykaa, Amazon, Myntra and Marriott.  She has successfully fused retail expertise with innovative marketing strategies, leveraging digital platforms to propel brand presence and engagement in todays digital-centric marketplace. 


With a robust 16 year tenure in comprehensive e-commerce and retail operations, our Maverick has demonstrated his prowess at leading companies such as Bestseller Group, Cover Story, Levi Strauss, Bharti and Vodafone. 
His proven expertise lies in optimising inventory efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction, reflecting his dedication to operational excellence and customer-centric strategies.